Embedding Video: One of Social Media Marketing’s Great Secrets

Ever since the Panda and Penguin updates of Google, social media marketing experts have been frantically trying to figure out which site visitation statistics were winners and losers in the re-evaluation of Google’s searching algorithms. One particular technique has received rave reviews from almost everyone who has tried it: embedding video into your marketing efforts.

Don’t Be A Spammer When Using Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to attract new customers and engage with existing ones. However, getting into a potential client’s Inbox these days is about as hard as randomly having lunch with the President of the United States; in fact, with so many spam filters and software to prevent unsolicited emails, it’s a task that may seem downright impossible. When email marketing, consider a few tips to avoid being seen as spam:

Facebook’s Life Expectancy A Mere Eight Years?

Many businesses depend on social media — and Facebook, in particular — like a promotional lifeline. They use it to alert customers to new promotions, announce big changes in products and/or services and just generally communicate with their audiences. While this is somewhat effective, it can also turn into problem if Facebook were to change in any way. F

QR Codes Can Change Everything For Your Business

Chances are, you are starting to hear more about QR codes and how they can be useful in your business. However, you might not know much about what they actually are and how you can use them for YOUR enterprise specifically. Once you learn about these codes and how they work, you may be able to brainstorm a ton of new ways to use them to further the success of your business.