On the Internet, you are often told that there is an alternate universe, which contains some secret power, which can transform your product and generate enough hype to drive your sales through heaven’s roof. A well-crafted and successful social media campaign can bring the touch of Midas to your bank account and singe an image of your product into the brains of your target audience so that they will never forget you.


Viber has released its newest version (2.2) of its application for both the Android and iPhone platforms. If you are a bit late on the technology, Viber is essentially like having Skype for your cellular phone, with the exception that the service is free. It allows you to make calls and send texts freely to any other user that has the application installed onto their cellular device anywhere in the world.


Google launched its app My Tracks 2.0 in 2009. The app allows its users who hike, bike, or jog to record their distance and log their training by recording the user’s path, speed, distance, and elevation. Furthermore, the app also displays your progress live and annotates your path, while your droid gives you announcements of how well your workout is advancing. It has been one of Google’s less well-known applications, but has slowly gained some notoriety (both positive or negative) over the last few years, with its review numbers hitting fifty- thousand plus. As of July 13th of this year, Google has released an updated version 2.0 of the same app, but critics say that there is not really a difference in the versions. The new version does tout a new interface, improved charts, and additional statistics for evaluating performance patterns in your weekly workout regiments, and even playback data for Google Earth, but it comes at a price. Be prepared to have a battery charger handy, as the app will drain your battery life relatively quickly. The users, however, are able to export their data as standard GPX, KML, CSV, and TCX files with the ability to share their …


In the first of our ongoing series presenting case studies of successful social media marketing campaigns, we are going to take a look at Disney’s handling of their hit movie, Toy Story 3. By all accounts one of the greatest successes of social media marketing, they used a combination of techniques that had a lot of synergy with each other leading to a resounding success. Let’s take a look at a few of them: • Targeted multiple demographics – Disney and Pixar targeted children and adults simultaneously, using different vectors. There were fake toy commercials spread over multiple platforms (including iAds on the iPhone, Facebook campaigns, and others) for the children, while the adults were treated to 1980s style viral commercials that played on their nostalgia. • Targeted socially savvy consumers – In one of the first majorly targeted efforts showing their determination to reach socially connected consumers, they promoted a Facebook campaign where college students could sign up to receive tickets to special, promotional viewings of the film. • Tied inbound marketing efforts to traditional advertising channels – The success of the nostalgic commercials, in particular, appealed to adults and spread off a viral wave of commentary across the …


As social media has developed, some of the technology associated with personal contact has sadly lagged behind. In particular, address book and contact management software is particularly guilty of this flaw. As one of Brewster’s investors, Fred Wilson, states: “Twenty years into the personal technology revolution and we are still using address books that work pretty much like physical address books. It makes no sense” So, what exactly does Brewster intend to do, and what does it bring to the marketplace? The competitive edge it seeks to exploit lies in the way it interacts with your social media presence. The more data you have built up over the years in your social media platforms the better (though there have been reports that synching in such cases can take unreasonably long). It allows you to interact with and search through your data in new ways; location, shared interests, mutual friends, and more. It is specifically designed to help give users better control over the balance between personal and professional contacts, without needing to set up a secondary backbone or email to keep accounts distinct. So what do we think of Brewster? Overall, the idea is good, but the use of some …

Using Twitter as an Effective Social Media Marketing Tool

Marketing campaigns delivered through social media channels have unprecedented conversion and response rates. Unsurprisingly, companies are scrambling to develop and implement comprehensive social media marketing campaigns tailored to the particular demographics of their target market. Twitter is rapidly becoming one of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s arsenal for a variety of reasons. Let’s take a look at a few of them: • Allows product promotion at the individual level – Messages delivered to perspective customers over a medium like Twitter can be extremely personalized. This really helps the marketing to achieve effective conversion rates, as customers can be more effectively and tightly targeted to them. • More attention paid due to brevity – One of the benefits of Twitter is that you only have 140 characters to make your point. This makes companies and people promoting different products unusually succinct; there are no minute long commercials on Twitter, just a few seconds snatched here and there. Since it is not time consuming in the least, people are more willing to spend a few seconds absorbing the message. • Rich media potential – Messages sent out via Twitter can really take advantage of rich media, by virtue of the …

Camera Awesome: Thumbs Up!

This neat little program is one of the most popular camera apps ever. Let’s take a look at some of the features it brings to the table, and see if it makes the grade as far as we are concerned.

The graphical user interface for the app is very clean. Most of the integral features are hidden away, but easily accessible with just a touch or two. The main dropdown menu offers numerous overlays which can assist you when taking your photos; for instance, there is a horizon tool built right in that makes it easy to snap perfectly level photos each time.