Books – Three worthwhile reads you don’t want to miss out on

The “B” Word

What would you say your customers envision when they hear your company name?
What goes through their minds when they see your logo?
Does your answer to either of those questions make you…uncomfortable?
With the right branding efforts, you can position your company correctly and connect with your target audience. You gain immense benefits by creating a brand that consumers trust and recognize; a brand that they empathize with and actually want to bring into their businesses, their homes and their lives.

Don’t be left in the dust – branding is essential for your existence in this economy.
The “B” Word – an essential read to create a lifelong brand.

The Status Update

Don’t worry the world of social media is not nearly as complicated as it sounds! Chances are, you’re thirteen-year-old niece has already got most social media websites figured out. If she can do it, you can certainly learn it too! It’s important to note that you won’t be playing on social media sites. Corporations, CEOs, managers and business owners are quite serious about the untapped potential of social media marketing. Websites like Twitter, Myspace, FaceBook, LinkedIn, and Live Journal are not just glorified chat rooms. They are channels you can take to reach a mainstream audience.

Bear with us as we explore the good, the bad and the ugly about the social media world. Following the reading of this book, you will know all you need to know about this popular media source, and what your strategy is for conquering the social media network with your brand.

The Viral Virus

QR coding is a marketing term that we are starting to hear more and more of these days. Many savvy business owners recognize that these unique codes represent a new era in the world of marketing and advertising, but for some, the concept is still somewhat foreign. We all know, especially as small business owners, that a masterful marketing campaign is the key to greater success and brand recognition, but knowing the best way to achieve this isn’t always simple. The Viral Virus speaks to QR codes and ROI related to marketing with them.