What Happening on the Internet?

Do you wonder what’s happening on the Internet? 79% of American Adults are currently on the internet. So what does that mean for you?

Is social media a profitable form of raw data?

Interesting enough, the world is finding more and more benefits in social media, and as we move into a social stratosphere we see many people make arguments for the different benefits, and of course the limited drawbacks.

What do you “Like”?

The advent of the Facebook “Like” button has created a new culture on the web, and as expected on Facebook itself.

Why QR Codes are the Future of Mobile Marketing

Smart phone usage isn’t just for business professionals anymore, and as usage continues to increase and consumer’s digital experiences become more mobile, marketers have to stay on top of technological developments to make sure that they keep reaching consumers. QR code offers a viable, cost-effective solution that allows marketers to reach wired consumers on the go while offering them exclusive …

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Increasingly these days we see the use of small barcodes being added to creatives, namely called QR codes. How are these QR codes used in marketing small business? The following graphic published February of this year shows the current uses of QR codes in marketing.The above graphic shows that currently the most common uses of this year shows the current …