the list

Have You Seen The List?

As Thanksgiving and the holidays approach, I like to take a some time to reflect on the the things I’m grateful for, and take stock of how great life is.

If I were to boil the things I’m grateful for down to a single item, that one item would be ‘opportunity.’ Opportunity is the thing that enables us to make the most of our passions, desires, and motivation, so that we can design lives we love through our persistence and hard work.

On the eve of Thanksgiving, I like to think of the things that have both given me amazing opportunities, and that have helped me make the most of the opportunities I’ve had (and some things that are opportunities in and of themselves).

Here’s a short list of the top 23 things I’m grateful for:

The people I’ve met. I’ve had the good fortune of meeting some amazing people in the companies I’ve worked at and worked with, in my networking circles, and even people I have simply shared advice with on Linkedin. These great people make opportunities worth taking.

The game “Cards Against Humanity.” There are few things more entertaining than an evening with good friends and the most inappropriate statements you can assemble from the big black deck.

Whipped cream flavored vodka. What game of “Cards Against Humanity” would be complete without a good cocktail to grease the wheels?

Taco Bell’s $1 Cravings Menu. Never pass up an opportunity for big flavor at a small price.

Happy hour anywhere. Being able to unwind after a long day with great people and shot glasses everywhere is priceless.

My crazy (good crazy) family. No matter what, I can always rely on my family to make dull moments exciting and exciting moments even exciting-er (yes I know not a real word).

How babies are made. You get what I’m sayin’?

Where my socks go every time I do laundry. I like to keep a positive outlook on things, and I figure that whatever mystery spot keeps sucking up my socks is just giving me endless opportunities to keep my sock wardrobe interesting.

Leak-proof sippy cups. Because I’m not sure which is worse: sticky floors, or mopping.

Vodka. Enough said.

Jalapeños. There’s nothing else that gets the combination of flavor and fire just right.

Birth control. Only having babies on purpose is important.

Deodorant. The value of being able to hit the gym at any time of day cannot be overstated.

Real Friends. The people who’ve stuck with me through everything, and will tell me the truth—no matter what—just can’t be replaced.

Sushi. There are very few foods that offer the sort slippery, fresh ocean taste to your palette. This intrigues me.

uber. After a few whipped cream flavored vodka cocktails, uber saves lives and money.

Cold Diet Coke. No other beverage packs as much refreshment into ten calories as a cold Diet Coke.

Chocolate Chips. Just think of all the things that could never be complete without chocolate chips.

Coffee. Mornings would have destroyed civilization by now if it weren’t for coffee.

French Fries. I’m always amazed by the fact that French fries manage to be the perfect meal at anytime of day.

Allbirds Shoes. Thank you Allbirds for giving me the opportunity to do comfort with no socks.

Youtube. Yes, I’d like a lifetime supply of how-to videos.

High cost of living. What else would drive you to work as hard as we do if it wasn’t for the cost of living in the SF Bay Area.

In closing, I can’t overstate how happy it makes me to share the things I love and appreciate with such incredible people, and how grateful I am for the opportunities that have led me to where I am today.

So, here’s to a great Thanksgiving, and even more opportunity on the horizon!

Cheers! (Let’s toast to a shot…or many)