Retailers and Social Media Marketing

The influx of location-based marketing is on the rise and retailers are starting to really take advantage of it! And it works for us consumers just as well…

When visiting a local Macy’s store – you are greeted at the store by a sticker that encourages you to check-in on the Macy’s Facebook page and in turn to receive 20% off your purchase for that day.

So your probably thinking, I was already going into Macy’s and if I found something I liked I would purchase it anyways. However, even for someone like myself that does not shop too often, I am always looking for a deal when I do shop.

So as I was going through the Men’s section and viewing the assortment of items I “liked”, I automatically would deduct 20% of the purchase price of the items that I thought I would like to take home with me and that automatically became a “deal” in my head. I felt special.

Now if you think about it even more, by me checking into Macy’s, I alerted my friends and family of this special deal, and just did the job of a marketing executive at the Federated Department Stores chain.

So not only did Macy’s entice me and in the end get me to spend nearly $200 on a couple of items, but it also tapped into the minds of my Facebook friends to possibly get them to jump into the car and visit their neighborhood Macy’s chain.


Not only does this create major viral potential, it also further branded the Macy’s name in the mind’s of my Facebook friend list.

Macy’s got me to spend $200 and was able to get me market the special to my entire friend list – thereby creating relationships with shoppers that will create branding and revenue. And its cost to Macy’s? $0.

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