SF-Based StartupStats Helps Investors Find the Most Talked About Startups

San Francisco-based entrepreneur, Nick O’Neill, is known in business circles for founding SocialTimes, a news website that reports on all things social media, from Facebook news to Twitter trends and everything in between. The site launched in 2007 as AllFacebook, and in 2010, O’Neill sold it to WebMedia Brands.

Recently O’Neill started a new project designed to connect investors with the hottest startups. StartupStats was launched in 2012 and has been adding new features ever since. The site matches investors with new startups by analyzing data from AngelList and Twitter to determine which startups are getting the most attention. This data is used to generate a rating called a “StartupScore,” which shows how many AngelList investors are following a particular startup, and how many Twitter users are linking back to it.

Investors who have joined StartupStats have found the service to be a good indicator of which startups will be funded soon. “It surfaces upcoming startups earlier in the cycle and they can get earlier access, ideally,” O’Neil told Business Insider. “Now, whether or not they’re going to turn out to be legitimate companies is a whole other thing, but we’re at least beginning to see that our system surfaces previously uncovered companies.”

startupstats2StartupStats now collects data on about 200 new startups per day, and O’Neill says he has already discovered some hot new startups using the service, like PinClout, which scores people based on their Pinterest influence. Another startup O’Neill found was instaDM, an app that provides a way for people to direct message each other through Instagram. O’Neill said he discovered the app when he noticed it was getting a lot of attention on Twitter in Mexico.

Investors interested in joining StartupStats can register at StartupStats.com to view the dashboard and receive news and updates. The latest StartupStats news discusses a new shoe style that went viral and earned over $150,000 on Kickstarter, and a useful email scheduling tool for Gmail. New features are being added to StartupStats every day, including new data points, like which university each entrepreneur attended, where they’ve worked in the past and how many investors are following them on Twitter.

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