The value of the “Like” Button

You are starting to see the “Like” button embedded everywhere now. The big question is do you really think about it before you click on that powerful button?

What does the “Like” button mean to you?

I am currently conducting a study with 25 individuals on this particular subject matter.

Did you click the “Like” button when your friend updates her status stating she just had Cookies n’ Cream ice cream? If so, what does that mean to you? Does it mean that you also fancy that flavor? Or does it mean that you are showing your friend love? Or…?

Marketers can use the combined set of interests to cut junk advertising and really get into the minds’ of their target market. But before we get there, we must ask, what does it mean when you click that powerful small button?

And to take this a step farther, would it paint a better picture, if you were also able to “Dislike” things?

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