Viber has released its newest version (2.2) of its application for both the Android and iPhone platforms. If you are a bit late on the technology, Viber is essentially like having Skype for your cellular phone, with the exception that the service is free. It allows you to make calls and send texts freely to any other user that has the application installed onto their cellular device anywhere in the world. All of the applications that Viber uses are free and do not require any “in application” purchases.

Viber’s excellent call quality and easy-to-use interface has been upgraded in version 2.2. Its ninety-million plus users (which has surpassed projected number of seventy-million users) can attest to its functionality, and have taken the number of text messages sent from one billion to two billion per month.

Version 2.2 has included a smart notification feature that ensures that you are not submerged in a swath of notifications and/or alerts. The new version also allows you to share a name and photo with your contacts, and has also implemented means to more easily allow the user to speed up getting into group messages. Using messaging functionality in landscape mode will also be a possibility, and you will be able to use fun and new backgrounds when sending inside messages.

The new version of the app will be available for Blackberry and Windows phones, and the Droid version will be receiving several additional languages: French, German, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, and Simplified Chinese will be a part of the new update.

So what is the final verdict? There is really nothing negative to be said. Viber’s new and improved features are nice, but the product itself seems to have proven itself simply by the number of downloads. After all, you cannot really knock a product you can download for free (that has NO “in application” purchases!) that allows you to make calls and send text messages. The new features are great, as is the wide variety of platforms that Viber utilizes and supports, and once more, its price tag, leads me to give this application two thumbs up. An excellent app, indeed.

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