Video Marketing – Increasingly a Must for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

As an increasing number of businesses even in medium-sized and small communities have finally caught on to the principles of search engine optimization, social media marketing, and more, making local search an increasingly competitive game.  Whereas even new a company could build decent results in a six-month window or so, it is getting harder to reliably build results at all, and it is taking longer and longer to do so.

Video marketing is one way business owners can sidestep these trends, and still get a tremendous bang for their buck in terms of investing in their content for organic site promotion.  Video marketing just isn’t saturated the same way regular text-based SEO is, not yet anyways.  While video optimization is a growing industry, for the foreseeable future it will be one of the most reliable marketing tools that small businesses can use to economically build results in terms of inbound marketing in a very short time.

What makes video marketing so great?  Here are a few factoids about it:

  • Engagement stats are simply superior comparing video to text, there is no way around that inescapable fact.
  • Conversion rates are also far superior in video content than text delivers.
  • It’s easier to integrate video content into a variety of messages and platforms (think social media, etc.) in a way that will get your message seen.
  • Video SEO is still a relatively untouched market, doubly so when compared to the oversaturated mess of text that normal SEO can be at times.
  • Many people find it easier/cheaper to create video content as they can do it themselves whereas most site owners must hire writers.
  • Search engines have come out and said that they plan on increasing the amount of attention paid to other media metrics, such as video, in the near future.
  • As the amount of mobile traffic begins to exceed bandwidth delivered to desktop devices, these advantages video has over text will only increase.

As you can see, video marketing does have several real advantages over other forms of internet marketing.  However always keep in mind that it is best applied as one part of an overall cohesive strategy, and will never suffice as a one-size-fits all solution for any marketing needs.

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