Want To Start Or Scale A Business?


If you’re reading this now, congratulations on taking a step toward developing your own business! The time has never been better to strike out on your own, whether you want to ease yourself gently into the entrepreneurial waters with a side gig or jump in with a big splash of full-time commitment.

This guide will help you prepare, launch, and scale your business. So whether you are just starting out or have an established business that you want to scale, the information provided will guide you down the right path.

You Will Learn…

Chapter 1 – Beat the Odds with a Better Business Plan

The business plan covers the business itself, the current marketplace, and financial aspects for about three – five years into the future.

Chapter 2 – Plug in to the Right Product/Market Fit

Competitors and the ever-changing market demand that you continuously tweak your product or service. If you don’t, you may find your product/market fit has evaporated.

Chapter 3 – Latch on to a Legal Business Structure

Unless you’re one of those rare people who closely monitor the tax code, you might have missed something that’s relevant to your business.

Chapter 4 – Fire up the Financing

Depending on when and where you obtained financing for your new business, it might be time to communicate your progress to your lender.

Chapter 5 – Build Trust with Authentic Branding

Consider what you have learned about your customers since you’ve been in business. Does this affect how you have been branding your product or service?

Chapter 6 – Delve into Distribution Strategy

Whatever your distribution method is, on a regular basis you should evaluate how it’s working.

Chapter 7 – Power Your Promotion Strategy

One of the most difficult aspects of promotion is coming up with fresh ideas that stimulate and engage customers.

Chapter 8 – Help Your Business by Hiring Right

If you ended up hiring an employee, after working with them for several months it’s a good idea to evaluate the employee’s tasks and overall responsibilities.

Chapter 9 – Spike Sales with a Solid Strategy

Your sales strategy is something you want to review regularly – at least quarterly.

Chapter 10 – Propel Your Business Forward with Partnerships

Even if things have been going well with your strategic partnership(s), you should still review the procedures you use for leading, developing ideas, handling problems, communication, and financial agreements.

Chapter 11 – Lure Customers with a Loyalty Program

Just like all the other strategies covered in this book, you need to look at your loyalty program regularly to see if it’s meeting your goals.


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